Thursday, July 12, 2012

Casting Call for Naomi Campbell's New Reality Show: The Face

Tyra better watch out and move out of the way because Naomi Campbell is entering the reality modelling competition series game. I've always loved Naomi and what's not to love about a fierce supermodel diva that will beat an insubordinate down with a cell phone in a heartbeat?!! LOL! Rest assured, I jest about the latter, but don't tell me a video of that scene wouldn't go viral.

The Face is definitely going to be the new Top Model (ANTM was so 5 seconds ago...) and I can't wait to see Naomi and all her fabulous supermodel compadres WURK the competitors to the bone. This show is going to be a breath of fresh reality TV air--I mean, who isn't tired of hearing the term "smize" and hearing the endless, self-serving anecdotes of modelling days way in the past?!!! Let's just hope that the budget is there for this show to really shine and that it takes the modelling competition show to the next level. Please Oxygen, let me see Linda, Christy, Cindy, Niki, Helena, Eva, Yasmin and all the other legendary supermodels keep it real for the girls competing on The Face!

Two casting calls are taking place, one in NYC on July 21 and the other in LA on July 28 (see details in image above). Good luck to anyone auditioning and I look forward to seeing you compete!