Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rick Owens S/S Sunglasses

I'm loving the super exaggerated shape of these edgy and sexy sunglasses from Rick Owens' S/S 2012 collection. Rick Owens is the master of the gothy/avant garde design aesthetic and I can't ever get enough of his creations! These shades will definitely be coveted by Rick Owens enthusiasts and fashion collectors alike.

Image: Hypebeast

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Watch! Jeremy Scott by Luca Finotti Fashion Short

This new Jeremy Scott fashion art film, shot by Luca Finotti, has been making the rounds on a bunch of mens fashion blogs. I'm loving the fun and youthful energy that this film short conveys and it's completely in tune with the Jeremy Scott for Adidas brand. I'm such a sucker for his wing-motifed Adidas pieces and seeing them in this video makes me wanna run out and buy them all! Part urban, part athletic wear and full of style and character, Jeremy Scott's Adidas collection has never looked more hype! L-O-V-E!!!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Watch! Saint Etienne's Tonight Video

I'm a huge Saint Etienne fan and I'm delighted to share the video for their new single Tonight! They are the quintessential electro-pop band and this single is simply infectious and addictive. This song is all about the excitement and associated feelings that you feel right before you see your favourite band on a night out. L-O-V-E this track!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Fashion Find: Keith Haring Inspired Supra High Tops

I was out and about this past weekend and I stumbled upon these funky Supra sneakers at Winners, College Park location. I love the graphic element of these sneakers and they totally remind me of a deconstructed Navajo print or a Keith Haring print. What do you think? Hot or not?

Friday, February 10, 2012

Video: Karim Rashid Chats About the Pantone Colour of the Year and More!

Here's the second part of my interview with Karim Rashid for Colour is an essential element to all design and it was fascinating to hear Karim Rashid's take on the Pantone colour of the year and how colour factors in to his design process. Check out my video and let me know if you agree with his views!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Video: Karim Rashid Speaks About Good Design

Last week, I attended the Interior Design Show (IDS12) here in Toronto and one of the highlights of my time at the show was receiving the amazing opportunity to interview iconic designer, Karim Rashid! I'm a huge Karim Rashid fan and his visionary designs have truly touched, inspired and redefined the definition of good design.

Being a creative individual and growing up in a non-creative place like Edmonton, Karim Rashid's designs and creations allowed me to escape the monotony and oppressive mentality that is characteristic of conservative cities. If you are creative and live in, or are from a similar place, you'll understand where I'm coming from and how important it is to find escape outlets. It was influential designers and artists like Karim Rashid that really helped me to pull through rough patches of my life and helped me to believe and realize that it does get better.

I never thought that I would ever have the opportunity to have an intimate heart-to-heart conversation with a design icon (let alone it be--Karim Rashid!!!), but the design gods smiled upon me and I got to meet and chat with Karim Rashid for! I was beyond nervous and completely beside myself as he entered the room and introduced himself. However, as we began to speak, a sudden calming feeling came over me as I realized that Karim Rashid was just as human as I was, despite the godlike level that I revere him at.

We chatted briefly before getting into our interview and I expressed how sad I was to learn that one of my favourite NYC restaurants, Nooch, which he designed, had closed down. Karim Rashid was flattered and we shared a moment lamenting the loss of the stylish NYC dining institution. I asked him a series of design and non-design questions and I really got to know the individual behind the designer.

My time with Karim Rashid was inspirational, intellectually stimulating and profound on so many different levels. Karim Rashid was everything and more than I expected him to be and this experience is definitely something that I will cherish always. Check out my video below to see what Karim Rashid had to say and check back for more in the next few weeks!