Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Watch! The Avengers Trailer

This is the new trailer for The Avengers movie coming out next year. Part of me feels like I should be more impressed by this trailer than I actually am--meh. When I watch this clip, the plot already seems kinda predictable. There will be tensions between Tony Stark's arrogance and the other Avengers, Black Widow will be the sexy femme fatale of the movie, Bruce Banner will have issues controlling his anger, Hawkeye will be the comic relief of the film, Captain America will be the serious one, and they will ultimately all unite, get over themselves and join to fight a common enemy threatening the freedom of Western civilization. Oh yeah, I'm sure there will be lots of gunfire and explosions too. Let's hope I'm completely wrong and that this movie has some believable performances and that it's cleverly written. Joss Whedon is directing this film so it could potentially be brilliant, but time will tell I suppose....

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