Friday, October 21, 2011

Versace for H&M 2011

This is the men's Versace diffusion collection for H&M that hits select H&M stores on November 19. Versace isn't really my cup of tea and this collection looks a little cheap and boring to me. I'm not really sure whose going to buy any of these pieces from this collection, let alone wear them in public. However, this collection is indeed, very Versace with all the crazy prints and bold colors. I'm predicting that the pieces that look the least Versace (ie. the plain items such as the black suits and dress shirts) will sell out first. Meh.

Images: Hypebeast


Jilky said...

woow. those clothes are so stylish! i love the fashion.

Simone said...

I totally share your thoughts...I can't picture any guy in Toronto wearing most of this stuff...especially that pink suit (or even the dizzying black and white pants for that matter)!

C2G said...

Yes, it's like Donatella chose the cheapest of her designs and said, "Here H&M a diffusion collection for you!" It's totally Woodbridge or Oakville attire, no self-respecting Torontonian would rock any of those crazy prints.