Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Saw Janet Jackson!!! (Toronto 3/12/2011)

(above: hat and customized 1814 T-shirt from the Rhythm Nation 1990 tour, black tank top - Rick Owens, jeans - H&M, motorcycle boots - Puma, fingerless gloves - army surplus)

I had the pleasure of seeing Janet Jackson in concert last weekend and I had a busy week, so I'm only finally getting the pics up today. But better late than never is what I always say.

I'm a huge Janet fan and I remember the first time that I ever saw Janet was in 1990. Back in the day, before online ticket purchasing was even invented, people would camp outside of malls with Ticketmaster locations in hopes of getting good seats. Twenty one years ago, a good friend and I camped outside for tickets to Janet's Rhythm Nation 1814 tour and we succeeded in getting 6th row on the floor for her stop in Edmonton. It was an amazing show and I was blown away by her performance and the positive socially conscious message that Janet had for her concert's attendees. Rhythm Nation 1814 was all about people united through music and dance without racial prejudice. It was definitely a time when race issues were rampant in America and Janet was definitely one of the only artists at that time that took an official stand against the daily injustices that occurred to individuals based on the colour of their skin.

Fast forward to 2011, Janet is still going strong and music and dance have never been more united than on the stage of her show. The message this time around wasn't as socio-politically charged as 1990's show was and it was more about celebrating Janet's successful recording career. This was her Greatest Hits tour and Janet delighted us non-stop all night with hit after hit and signature dance move after signature dance move. The venue was smaller and as a result, the show was more intimate and personal. Some of the highlights of the night for me included hearing obscure classics like Diamonds, Doesn't Really Matter, and Best Things in Life Are Free and I fully enjoyed seeing Janet break out into her iconic dance routines for If and Miss You Much. There was a heart-wrenching tribute during Scream to her late brother, the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson and I couldn't help but feel the intense emotion of the crowd and I got a bit verklempt myself. All in all, Janet rocked the Toronto crowd and Ms. Jackson showed us that she can still be nasty if she wants to be.

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