Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video: Lady Gaga for Polaroid Grey Label Products

The highly anticipated collaboration between Lady Gaga and Polaroid was revealed yesterday at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas. The Gaga-fied products include: a pair of camera sunglasses, a portable printer that is capable of receiving blue tooth signals from mobile devices, and a redesigned Polaroid camera that shoots digital images and prints digital files instantaneously.

I think the camera sunglasses and the redesigned Polaroid camera are definitely the highlights from this Gaga and Polaroid initiative. I can totally see Lady Gaga fans rocking these sunglasses and I'm predicting that the reinvented camera will reclaim it's place in pop culture as the goto camera for instantaneous imaging, as there currently isn't anything comparable in the market today. Lady Gaga´s celebrity and creative vision has definitely helped to revive the Polaroid brand, but time will tell whether or not this joint venture brings the company back into relevance. With that said, I'm secretly dying to try the sunglasses - too cool!

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