Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tom Ford Eyewear S/S 2011 Campaign

Earlier this week I was lamenting the glamour and fabulosity that Tom Ford brought to fashion in the late '90s. It was in the latter half of this decade (with the advent of Tom Ford leading design at Gucci) that fashionistas, celebrities and everyday people took pride in feeling a little glamourous and overtly sexy. We may not have all owned a piece of Gucci, but the imagery, attitude and the fabulousness which Gucci and Tom ford imparted onto pop culture and everyday life was inexplicably influential on multiple levels. You couldn't help but to embrace the feeling and own it. I miss these days immensely...

Well to my delight, twice in one week, Mr. Ford has totally BROUGHT it in terms of upping the glamour ante of days gone by. First there was the campaign video for his latest womenswear collection (which I LOVED) and now we've been given a peek at some of the images from his latest eyewear campaign. The makeup, styling and clothes in these images all work together to create a level of glamour that I haven't felt since those Gucci ad campaigns shot by Steven Meisel from back in the day. Joost Van Der Hulst and Abbey Lee Kershaw look stunning in these shots and were perfectly cast for this brand - they effortlessly ooze the coolness and sexiness that Tom Ford is known for. If this is any indication of what's in store for fashion in 2011, I have a feeling glam, glam and more GLAM will definitely be on the fashion plate.

Images: The Fashionisto

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