Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meeting Margaret Cho

Yesterday, I had the pleasure and honour of seeing and meeting Margaret Cho. I'm a huge Cho fan and meeting her was definitely a total dream come true! My friend Ken bought me a VIP ticket for the show, which included an autographed dvd and the opportunity to meet her and have a picture taken with her. The meet & greet happened at the end after her performance and although she was tired, she didn't let us down. But, because she was burned out from her show, each VIP holder basically got to say hello and have a picture taken before being ushered out of the backstage area. I had prepared some words of gratitude and thanks to share with Margaret, but due to the nature of the situation, I unfortunately wasn't able to tell her everything that I wanted too. So, Margaret, if you're reading this -- this is what I wanted to tell you...

Growing up in the '90s, there were very few visible Asian role models for young Asians to look up to and to be inspired by. This was a time when media and pop culture was predominantly white with the occasional token African-American here and there. In terms of visible Asian role models, we had Bruce Lee, George Takei, Ming-Na Wen, all the women in the Joy Luck Club film, and the All-American Girl - Margaret Cho. A television show all about Asians revolutionized my television viewing landscape and you gave me someone that I could look up to and relate to. From a television network production point of view - I know that the show may not have been the ideal situation for you, but please know that you and your cast's efforts weren't in vain and that you made a difference by being visible and doing your thing. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart because you showed me through your craft and by being yourself that it did get better. You may not realize it, but you've been saving, impacting and changing lives by simply speaking your mind, being true and maintaining your presence. Please don't ever stop doing what you do.

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