Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It Really Does Get Better...

Bullying is a subject that really hits home for me. I was constantly bullied throughout my junior high and high school years for simply being myself and it was definitely a difficult period of my life. At the time, I frequently entertained the idea of suicide. However, that would have been the easy way out and quite frankly -- I was too much of a coward to actually do it. But I do understand how constant daily harassment, persecution and intimidation can break someone and lead them to take their own life.

I've been extremely sickened and greatly saddened by the recent number of suicides due to bullying. This needs to stop. I know it's easy to say that things get better, but things really do get better. Bullies only have power if you give it to them and they really are nothing outside of a school environment. I know this doesn't make being bullied any easier, but once you're outside of the toxic and negative environment that is high school, you really are able to flourish and shine.

I often felt so alone when I was being bullied because people saw and new exactly what was going on, but they turned a blind eye or completely discounted my experience. To have someone tell me things would get better would definitely have made a difference and it would have made dealing with the day-to-day a bit easier. A bunch of concerned celebrities have recently spoken out about bullying and I've compiled some of their messages below to spread the word, bring awareness and inspire!

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