Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rodarte for Maggie Cheung

Rodarte design geniuses, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, have created four hand sewn pieces inspired by the films of Hong Kong film actress Maggie Cheung. Her films In the Mood For Love, Clean, Hero, and Heroic Trio were the inspirations for these gorgeous designs. The looks are set to a beautiful and haunting piano soundtrack composed by Peter Kam and filmed by Wing Shya. For every view of this video, $1HK will be donated to UNICEF until March 31.

I'm a huge Maggie Cheung fan and I can totally see each of her characters in these four pieces. It's always so refreshing to learn about North American designers finding inspiration in foreign films and actors. International cinema is a total breeding ground for fashion creativity and interesting aesthetics and the Mulleavy sisters are totally on to something. It will be interesting to see which other foreign celebrities become fashion muses for Western world designers.

Source: Hypebeast

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