Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meeting Adam Lambert

My latest piece for

Earlier this week, as you may have heard via the facebook group and twitter updates, I had the opportunity to sit down with Adam Lambert and to ask him your fan questions that you tweeted and sent in to us.

Adam Lambert was everything and more than I expected him to be and being in his presence, you couldn't stop yourself from feeling the fabulosity, glamour, and rock star power that was radiating throughout the room. He was extremely genuine, sincere and down-to-earth, but most importantly, his passion for his work and especially for his fans was what impacted me the most. When I told Adam that all of my questions were from you, his face lit up and he eagerly and excitedly answered each of your questions!

I want to thank everyone who sent us a question for Adam because every question was amazing(!), but unfortunately due to time restrictions I didn't get a chance to ask him everything :-(. Check out the first part of my interview with Adam below and check back tomorrow for the second part - enjoy!

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Paprika said...

Thank you so much for asking Glambert my make-up question! He seems like a very down to earth guy. You did a FANTASTIC job with the interview! :)