Friday, January 22, 2010

Ke$ha Live in Toronto 01/17/2010

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Just the other night, I checked out an artist showcase featuring Sony Music’s latest hit recording artist, Ke$ha. You may have heard her on Flo Rida’s single Right Round or chances are you’ve recently been infected (or will be infected) by her hit single Tik Tok’s contagious lyrics and catchy hook (oh-wee-oh-oh-ohhh!). Ke$ha’s debut album premiered at number one on the Billboard charts and her poptastic sound is sure to keep her at the top of the charts.

The vivacious 22 year old singer/songwriter emphatically showed the Toronto audience how to party like animals as she made her way through a rocking six song set. Cute, fun and completely entertaining, Ke$ha WOW-ed the room with her quirky personality, funky dance moves and addictive songs. All of the screaming fans sang along to each song and they fed off of her amazing energy as much as she fed off of theirs – the sign of a truly engaging performer. Guests at this show also had the opportunity to get Ke$ha’s signature glittery smoky eye makeup applied by event make-up artists and to have their photos taken on a red carpet to be posted later on her official website.

It was definitely an event that had something for everyone in attendance and I especially loved that the event organizers went the extra mile to ensure that all of the fans had a great time. All in all, Ke$ha’s performance revealed her charming persona, amazing talent and it gave us a peek at what’s in store from this rising pop star. Check out my videos from Ke$ha’s showcase below – enjoy!

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