Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beyonce & Lady Gaga: Video Phone Video

This is the highly anticipated video by Beyonce and Lady Gaga called Video Phone. It was directed by Hype Williams and it totally looks like a Hype Williams video, with the high contrasting over saturated colors and sexy and slick look and feel.

Fashionwise, the only look that I'm feeling is the initial look that Beyonce wears with the cutout bodysuit and the black band of makeup over her eyes - completely inspired by Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. The rest just looks cheap and a bit tarty.

I'm not sure if Lady Gaga really adds anything to this video or song and I think that Beyonce would have been better off to have done this one solo, but Gaga is hot right now and I guess they thought that they could help boost each others record sales by doing collaborations on each others' album re-releases (Beyonce guests on a Gaga track called Telephone).

This video is not even close to the creative awesomeness of Gaga's Bad Romance video. I think that Beyonce needs to stop hoping that her sexiness will sell her records and that she should actually do something creative for once or hire some creative people to be creative for her.

My thoughts and feelings on this video and song = meh.....

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