Monday, October 26, 2009

Viktor & Rolf Footwear

These footwear pieces are part of the first Viktor & Rolf shoe collection for men. The Dutch design duo has totally revolutionized and reinvented the high top and I'm LOVING both the puffer jacket and wingtip inspired kicks above. Although I've seen wingtip and techno-fiber high tops before, I've never seen them done so well.

The wingtip high top is definitely the most innovative and visionary piece out of all of these shoe offerings and it has the ability to instantly turn up the sartorial factor of any outfit. I think that wingtips are a key piece to any man's wardrobe and the fact that these are a sneaker, it allows the wearer to easily dress up or dress down any outfit. This premiere shoe collection from Viktor & Rolf is completely modern, clever and functional and sure to be coveted by sneaker pimps globally.

Source: Dazed Digital

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