Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toronto Fashion Week '09: Evan Biddell Spring 2010

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Project Runway Canada Season 1 winner and Canada’s fashion design bad boy, Evan Biddell, rocked the Toronto Fashion Week runway with a creative and visually stunning presentation of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

The show opened with a short animated film (see video below) which spliced images of Biddell into a mix of cartoon drawings and told the story of Evan becoming a Power Ranger-like superhero, setting the tone for the ensuing runway presentation...

After the animation ended, a raging thunderstorm visual was then projected onto the runway backdrop and emerging from this thunderstorm was the designer's vision of the Evan Biddell woman - a glamorous, strong and post apocalyptic heroine. Beautiful goddess dresses, harem drop crotch pants (think MC Hammer), little black dresses, liquid metallic body suits, hooded futuristic swimwear, layered tank tops, color blocked t-shirts, jackets and dresses all made their way down the runway and oozed Evan Biddell’s signature design aesthetic (which can be understood as a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi with urban elegance).

Each piece was impeccably constructed and the cut of each piece definitely revealed the designer’s understanding of the female body, as fabric flowed and draped naturally in all the right places and all of the models’ natural assets were highlighted and accentuated. A muted color pallette of metallic grey, white and black dominated the collection and splashes of orange and blue were strategically incorporated into certain pieces to create shape and interest. Check out the video (and photo gallery here) below for a look at the show.

My favourite looks from this show include all of the long flowing dresses, the color blocked garments and the hooded swimwear piece because these pieces truly reveal Biddell's talent and vision. This collection was definitely fun, interesting, edgy, fashion forward and well constructed, however, I felt that these pieces worked better individually, rather than as a collection. The color blocked items went well together, but the rest of the pieces were all over the place. Evan Biddell has definitely come a long way since the first season of Project Runway Canada and he has still got a long way to go, but one thing is certain - he is definitely on the right path.


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