Friday, October 30, 2009

Britney Spears 3 (Official Video)

This is the highly anticipated video for Britney's new single "3". I'm LOVING the song, but I'm not too crazy about the video. Her hair weave looks cheap and her outfit could have been better... What do you think?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Viktor & Rolf Footwear

These footwear pieces are part of the first Viktor & Rolf shoe collection for men. The Dutch design duo has totally revolutionized and reinvented the high top and I'm LOVING both the puffer jacket and wingtip inspired kicks above. Although I've seen wingtip and techno-fiber high tops before, I've never seen them done so well.

The wingtip high top is definitely the most innovative and visionary piece out of all of these shoe offerings and it has the ability to instantly turn up the sartorial factor of any outfit. I think that wingtips are a key piece to any man's wardrobe and the fact that these are a sneaker, it allows the wearer to easily dress up or dress down any outfit. This premiere shoe collection from Viktor & Rolf is completely modern, clever and functional and sure to be coveted by sneaker pimps globally.

Source: Dazed Digital

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Toronto Fashion Week '09: Rudsak Spring 2010

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The Rudsak show is always one of my favourite shows to attend at Toronto Fashion Week and last night's presentation truly didn't dissapoint. Rudsak is known for its well tailored classic designs and for its high quality leather goods, plus they always have the hottest print and runway models!

For Spring 2010, Rudsak was inspired by the laid back glamour of the traveller's days in the '60s and the collection boasted classic, but modern key pieces in the shapes of coats, sweaters, dresses, shirts, shorts and fine leather accessories. The color pallette of this collection consisted primarily of black, white and grey with splashes of lilac, chili red and shadow grey for interest. The fabrics used in this collection included leather, suede, canvas, crumpled linen, techno nylon and coated cotton.

Every piece was wearable and beautifully constructed and all of the pieces worked together extremely well as a cohesive collection. I LOVED all of the leather jackets (especially the lilac one for men), all of the bags, and the coated cotton skirts which gave off a liquid look and feel. The two silhouettes that I quite enjoyed in this collection were created by the pairing of fitted biker style leather jackets with short skirts and by the fabulous grey voluminous leather jacket. Overall, this show and collection was edgy, modern, sexy, and totally chic!

Rudsak is a true testament to Canadian fashion design at its best and this collection reinforces why the Rudsak aesthetic is so interpretable on a global scale - anyone from anywhere would look amazing in a Rudsak piece. Check out the videos (and photo gallery here) above and below for a look at the show and to see the key looks from this collection!


Toronto Fashion Week '09: Evan Biddell Spring 2010

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Project Runway Canada Season 1 winner and Canada’s fashion design bad boy, Evan Biddell, rocked the Toronto Fashion Week runway with a creative and visually stunning presentation of his Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

The show opened with a short animated film (see video below) which spliced images of Biddell into a mix of cartoon drawings and told the story of Evan becoming a Power Ranger-like superhero, setting the tone for the ensuing runway presentation...

After the animation ended, a raging thunderstorm visual was then projected onto the runway backdrop and emerging from this thunderstorm was the designer's vision of the Evan Biddell woman - a glamorous, strong and post apocalyptic heroine. Beautiful goddess dresses, harem drop crotch pants (think MC Hammer), little black dresses, liquid metallic body suits, hooded futuristic swimwear, layered tank tops, color blocked t-shirts, jackets and dresses all made their way down the runway and oozed Evan Biddell’s signature design aesthetic (which can be understood as a mixture of fantasy and sci-fi with urban elegance).

Each piece was impeccably constructed and the cut of each piece definitely revealed the designer’s understanding of the female body, as fabric flowed and draped naturally in all the right places and all of the models’ natural assets were highlighted and accentuated. A muted color pallette of metallic grey, white and black dominated the collection and splashes of orange and blue were strategically incorporated into certain pieces to create shape and interest. Check out the video (and photo gallery here) below for a look at the show.

My favourite looks from this show include all of the long flowing dresses, the color blocked garments and the hooded swimwear piece because these pieces truly reveal Biddell's talent and vision. This collection was definitely fun, interesting, edgy, fashion forward and well constructed, however, I felt that these pieces worked better individually, rather than as a collection. The color blocked items went well together, but the rest of the pieces were all over the place. Evan Biddell has definitely come a long way since the first season of Project Runway Canada and he has still got a long way to go, but one thing is certain - he is definitely on the right path.


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bustle Spring Summer 2010

Yesterday, Project Runway Canada judge Shawn Hewson's Bustle Spring/Summer 2010 runway presentation transported us to a summer cottage getaway and it helped us to forget, momentarily, about the chilly fall weather outside. The runway was decorated with fabulous summer deck furniture, a barbecue, a mini bar on a cart and even a sofa. A projection completed the seasonal illusion by lighting up the background and casting a tranquil cottage scene onto the runway backdrop.

One by one, the models sashayed down the runway and I was fittingly sold on the casual and leisurely pieces from the collection that corresponded perfectly with the scene in front of me. Suits made from waxed cotton, knit cardigans, stark printed dress shirts, board shorts and colorful jackets were all very well constructed and all of the pieces worked together to maintain the Bustle design aesthetic of cool, stylish and comfortable sportswear attire.

The highlight of the show was when two Canadian celebrities graced the Bustle runway and added some extra charm and character to this presentation. Celebrity model Stacey McKenzie pranced down the runway and seductively pushed a mobile drink cart, giving out drinks to lucky individuals in the front row. The audience was delighted by her presence and everyone cheered as she strutted her signature walk down the runway. The second celebrity guest was Canadian comedian and TV star Rick Mercer who initially played a chef behind the barbecue, but later came out from behind the grill and showed the crowd how Bustle should be worn. Check out the video above (and photo gallery here) to see Stacey, Rick and the final walk-through of the key looks from this collection.

Overall, this collection was cohesive and extremely wearable, but it leaned towards the expected and safe side. I would have liked to have seen more innovative and creative thought put into the design, more interesting silhouettes or even the mixture of different textiles to give the collection some interest and WOW factor, but unfortunately this collection just didn't measure up to my hopes and expectations.


Philip Sparks Spring/Summer 2010

Last week, I attended Philip Sparks’ Spring 2010 menswear show and I was immensely delighted by the designer’s creative vision and his clever and savy bespoke skills. The inspiration for this collection was cottage life and ‘50s Canadian Pacific Railway getaway ads. I’m a true patriot at heart and I love all fashion that speaks to and endorses Canadiana.

Philip collaborated with textile designer Kerry Croghan to produce a signature nostalgic “Gone Fishing” print that features rugged wilderness illustrations (camping, canoeing, fishing, etc.) reminiscent of days gone by that you might find on historical souvenirs or in a child’s school book reader from the ‘50s.

The styling and outdoorsy print definitely helped to set the mood and story of the collection. Philip Sparks’ show took us on a fishing expedition and it revealed a variety of looks that we might encounter along the way. Beautiful knit V-necks, cozy cardigans, preppy polo sweaters, seersucker and chintzed tuxedo vests, plaid dress shirts, retro windbreakers and sleek silhouette shaping coats perfectly married a modern design aesthetic with classic bespoke tailoring to create modern pieces with a touch of nostalgia. The collection was cohesive, impeccably constructed and the detailing heightened the interest of each piece. Each of the models WORKED the hardwood floor runway and each look flawlessly strutted past the show’s attendees - see my video above(and photo gallery here) for a glimpse at the show.

My favourite pieces and the ones that I found the most interesting were the red trench coat, the tuxedo vest with the racer back and all of the items that featured the signature “Gone Fishing” print. Each piece from this collection could completely stand alone on its own or easily be mixed with other pieces and accessorized to fully express the wearer. I rarely come across a collection that is so wearable and so transferrable to many men on many different levels. Your brother, father and son could all rock the same piece from this collection and it would look amazing and unique on each of them. Philip Sparks’ 2010 collection definitely reveals a design vision that acknowledges and embraces the modern man with a sartorial inclination.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Toronto Fashion Week '09 Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail

These are some of the pics from the Toronto Fashion Week Holt Renfrew Media Cocktail Party that helped to kick off the Canadian fashion events earlier this week. Jeanne Becker, Enza Supermodel, Inga, Jeremy Laing, Suzanne Boyd, Tommy Smythe and more celebrities, fashionistas and designers were in attendence. Check out the rest of my pictures here in my latest post for

Monday, October 19, 2009

Rick Owens Ankle Boots

This is the latest footwear offering from Rick Owens. It has been argued that these are in tune with the '90s grunge trend that we've been seeing on many runways recently, but I totally disagree. Rick Owens aesthetic is LA rocker/goth/avante garde and these boots are completely in line with his design style. I love the shape of the sole and the slight bump in the toe. I would have killed for these boots back in my high school goth days...

Source: Hypebeast

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

After the Runway: Episode 5

Check out the latest webisode of After the Runway where we dish about Project Runway Season 6, episode 5. Hot topics for this episode include Tim Gunn's tirade about one of the preposterous contestents, the challenges involved when working with newspaper as fabric and more!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Martin Margiela Speed Bike Sneaker

I'm a huge fan of Martin Margiela and I am LOVING these new Speed Bike Sneakers from the Maison. Modern, beautiful, and super cool - these sneakers are motor cross boots reinvented. They come in black, white and red and these kicks will instantly transform any outfit into a Blade Runner-esque look. I'm all about Replicant chic (see Daryl Hannah below from Blade Runner for a replicant chic aesthetic reference) and in my opinion, it's a timeless aesthetic that doesn't ever expire.

Source: Hypebeast

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Burberry Spring/Summer 2010

I've been obsessed with all things Burberry recently, so I bring you the full mens show for Burberry Spring/Summer 2010. I'm LOVING the direction that Christopher Bailey is moving the Burberry aesthetic to in this collection. Classically Burberry with subtle and minimal modern details, he breathes new life into this iconic British brand.

My favorite pieces after all of the coats, are the interesting shirts with the intersecting straps and the dress shirt with the thin wraparound straps (see above). These pieces remind me of something that Helmut Lang or Raf Simons would design, but with a classic British twist...

Monday, October 5, 2009

After the Runway an After Show for Project Runway Season 6

This is a web exclusive series on that I've been involved with and it's been an interesting sixth season of Project Runway so far. Check out our discussion on episode four's winners and losers...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Jil Sander for Uniqlo

This is a peek at the +J collection from Jil Sander for Uniqlo which hits select Uniqlo stores today. I am LOVING all of these pieces, especially the 3/4 length coat. Minimal, beautifully tailored, well constructed and uber chic - I have no doubt that this collection will fly off the Uniqlo racks in a matter of minutes.

This marks the return of Jil Sander to the fashion world and her return has been long overdue. I know that this is just a warm up collection for Jil and I'm excited to see what she'll come up with next!

Source: Hypebeast & Selectism