Saturday, August 8, 2009

Meeting Lynda Carter

Today I had the pleasure and honor of witnessing one of my dearest and best friends have his wildest of wild childhood dreams come true!

My friend Ken is the ultimate Wonder Woman fan and he lives and breathes for all things related to the Amazon princess. He learned that Lynda Carter (the original Wonder Woman from the '70s hit television show) was going to be in town to promote her new CD, At Last so we ventured to the in-store event to see and meet one of his childhood idols.

When we arrived at the event, there was probably a little over a 100 people eagerly waiting for Lynda to come out and meet with her fans. While waiting in line we saw many people who were obviously huge Wonder Woman fans also, as there was plenty of Wonder Woman memorabilia to be seen. Ken also brought one of his Wonder Woman collectibles to get signed, but to our chagrin we were informed that Lynda would only be autographing her new CD...

When we finally got to the podium to meet Lynda, she was even more stunning, breathtaking, and beautiful in person - we were in the presence of a true Glamazon! Ken shared one of his fondest Wonder Woman childhood memories with Lynda and she was truly touched and inspired by his passion and recollection - so much so, that she was inspired to sign the new cd that he had just bought, as well as his Lynda Carter collectible even though Lynda's handlers told her not to sign his collectible. Lynda Carter was down-to-earth, genuine, and everything and more than we expected her to be! Thank you so much Lynda for making Ken's day and for being a part of one of the highlights of his life!!!

Lynda Carter

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Paprika said...

Oh I am so happy that Lynda lived up to Ken's expectations!!! She must have been truly magical to meet. :)