Monday, July 20, 2009

Beyonce's Sweet Dreams

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This is Beyonce's video for her new single, Sweet Dreams (see below). In this futuristic video, we get to escape into Beyonce's dreams where she rocks a number of HOT looks including a classic Thierry Mugler gold robotic space suit. I am loving all of the outfits in this video and Beyonce truly knows how to deliver a video that packs a punch.

The intricate choreography combined with the fabulous wardrobe completely works with Beyonce's ability to command a presence both visually and stylistically. Visually, she is a total entertainer and I can't help myself from savoring the Beyonce eye candy (especially when she krumps in her dress and still manages to look amazing!). Stylistically, she continues to step up her game with high fashion creations from Thierry Mugler that fit the look and feel of this video to a tee and conform to her own fierce signature style.

The reason why this video works so well is because Beyonce doesn't try to "wow" us with her acting skills, instead she does what she does best - she sings and dances and she looks stunning throughout the process. Beyonce is naturally beautiful and talented and "less is more" definitely works best for her.

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