Friday, July 31, 2009

Raf Simons Footwear Fall '09

These are the new footwear offerings from Raf Simons for Fall '09. These kind of remind me of the womens Balenciaga sock boots (below) from a few seasons ago mixed with a little bit of Tron. I definitely prefer them with the ankle piece attached, otherwise they just look like every other obnoxious sneaker. That's the beauty of Raf Simons' design skills, he can magically transform something that is trite and overdone into something new and interesting.

Source: Hypebeast

Monday, July 27, 2009

Alexander Wang Menswear SS '10

This is a sneak peek at the highly anticipated debut of Alexander Wang's menswear collection for Spring/Summer 2010. His t-shirts for women were highly coveted staple pieces due to his innovative details and accentuated or exaggerated cuts and these signature style elements appear to have surfaced in his new menswear line.

I'm a huge fan of Alexander Wang and I think that his design mission to reinvent the t-shirt is brilliant because everyone owns a t-shirt and t-shirts are worn on a daily basis. The use of worn-in fabrics combined with his minimal design aesthetic makes his pieces appear comfortably, yet stylishly lived in. I am feeling the cut of the tank and the details on the hoodie (pictured above), but I'm sure that Alexander has way more in store for us with the rest of this collection - and I personally can't wait!

Source: Men.Style.Com

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Madonna Celebration Cover Artwork

This is the cover art for Madonna's greatest hits album, titled Celebration, which will be released on September 28.

Street and pop artist Mr. Brainwash gave this classic image of Madonna a reinvention that is reminiscent of Warhol, but with a street edge. I am loving the simplicity and style of Mr. Brainwash's treatment to this album cover and this style of art reminds me of Banksy and Shepard Fairey's art pieces.

Madonna has always been highly attuned to visionary, influential and trend setting artists and it's not surprising that she has acquired Mr. Brainwash's talented services. But the looming question that remains is whether Mr. Brainwash will survive the "Madonna death touch", as mostly every creative person that Madonna has worked with has either ended up with a road block in their career that they can't ever seem to overcome or resulted in a complete demise of their career (think Rupert Everett, William Orbit, David La Chapelle, Jellybean, Guy Ritchie, Me'Shell Ndegeocello, Sandra Bernhardt, Mirwais, Antonio Banderas, Tony Ward, Alek Keshishian...). Time will tell.


Meeting Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist)

Scott Schuman (aka The Sartorialist) made an appearance at Holt Renfrew here in Toronto yesterday to support a retail window display that was inspired by and dedicated to him and to promote his new book of photographs.

I'm a huge supporter of his blog and he was one of my many inspirations for starting Think Coogi2G. I had the fortune and pleasure of meeting Mr. Schuman and he was everything and more than I expected him to be. His love and passion for fashion and photography are truly inspirational and listening to him speak was refreshing as his words were insightful and profound (video I shot of him speaking is coming soon!). He took the time to chat with his adoring Canadian fans and even posed for a bunch of photos. It was exciting to see him on the the other side of the lens and it was even more exciting to see him effortlessly make so many of his followers' day, including yours truly!

The Sartorialist

Monday, July 20, 2009

Rick Owens Shoulder Bag Fall '09

I am loving this Fall '09 shoulder bag from Rick Owens. It hangs off the shoulder on a diagonal and is constructed out of high-quality leather. Rick Owens has definitely defined a new menswear aesthetic which effortlessly and seamlessly blends notions of LA, Paris, Goth, minimalism and avante-garde into a unique look. He is definitely pushing the design envelope with this innovative and fresh Fall piece.

Source: Hypebeast

Rick Owens

Beyonce's Sweet Dreams

My latest post for
This is Beyonce's video for her new single, Sweet Dreams (see below). In this futuristic video, we get to escape into Beyonce's dreams where she rocks a number of HOT looks including a classic Thierry Mugler gold robotic space suit. I am loving all of the outfits in this video and Beyonce truly knows how to deliver a video that packs a punch.

The intricate choreography combined with the fabulous wardrobe completely works with Beyonce's ability to command a presence both visually and stylistically. Visually, she is a total entertainer and I can't help myself from savoring the Beyonce eye candy (especially when she krumps in her dress and still manages to look amazing!). Stylistically, she continues to step up her game with high fashion creations from Thierry Mugler that fit the look and feel of this video to a tee and conform to her own fierce signature style.

The reason why this video works so well is because Beyonce doesn't try to "wow" us with her acting skills, instead she does what she does best - she sings and dances and she looks stunning throughout the process. Beyonce is naturally beautiful and talented and "less is more" definitely works best for her.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Issey Miyake Speaks About Hiroshima...

I came across this moving personal piece written by Issey Miyake for the New York Times. In this article, Issey addresses nuclear warfare and he speaks about his personal experience with the infamous Hiroshima bomb and how it affected and impacted his life...

On Aug. 6, 1945, the first atomic bomb was dropped on my hometown, Hiroshima. I was there, and only 7 years old. When I close my eyes, I still see things no one should ever experience: a bright red light, the black cloud soon after, people running in every direction trying desperately to escape — I remember it all. Within three years, my mother died from radiation exposure.

I have never chosen to share my memories or thoughts of that day. I have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to put them behind me, preferring to think of things that can be created, not destroyed, and that bring beauty and joy. I gravitated toward the field of clothing design, partly because it is a creative format that is modern and optimistic.

I tried never to be defined by my past. I did not want to be labeled “the designer who survived the atomic bomb,” and therefore I have always avoided questions about Hiroshima. They made me uncomfortable...
(read the full article here)

Let's hope that this powerful personal recollection helps to open eyes, motivates action, and instigates change. Issey Miyake is definitely one of the most influential fashion designers of all time and his visions and life experience are truly inspirational on so many levels.

Issey Miyake

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maison Martin Margiela Single Lens Sunglasses

Uber minimal and avante-garde design house Maison Martin Margiela has taken aviator sunglasses to the next level with this one piece lens offering. I like the top bar and ear piece details because they help to tone down the extremity of the fashion forward one piece lens. If you plan on getting a pair of one piece lens sunglasses make sure you are super careful with them - I've owned one piece lens sunglasses and mine started to crack where the screw connects with the lens...

Source: Hypebeast

Kris Van Assche '10 Spring/Summer Footwear & Accessories

These are the '10 Spring footwear and accessories offerings from Kris Van Assche. I am loving the concept behind the open foot gladiator-style sneakers, although I'm not sure how functional or comfortable they would be on. My favorite footwear pieces are the desert boots and the high tops and I love the shapes and minimal aesthetic of all of the bags. I definitely think that Kris Van Assche's designs for his own line are more interesting than his designs for Dior.

Source: Mens Rag

Friday, July 10, 2009

Calvin Klein Sunglasses Fall '09

These sunglasses from Calvin Klein feature a detachable arm that houses a 4GB Flash memory stick for all of those moments when you need to transfer a file, but can't be bothered to carry a traditional USB key. This is definitely innovative and only the beginning of the merger between technology and luxury fashion goods. It will be interesting to see what other upcoming fashion products will incorporate USB Flash drives and 2.0 technologies in general.

Calvin Klein

Adidas SLVR FW '09

These are some of the Fall/Winter '09 footwear offerings from the new Adidas sub-brand SLVR, which fits in between Y-3 and the Adidas Originals brands. I was in NYC last month and I stumbled across an Adidas SLVR boutique in Soho that was full of beautiful minimal sportswear pieces (I ended up picking up an amazing pair of shorts!). The SLVR line is more affordable than Y-3 and has a similar avant-garde aesthetic. I love the high-tops in this collection and it is interesting to see the neoprene/scuba one piece (reminiscent of the late '90s Nike Presto era) sneakers making a comeback.

Source: Hypebeast