Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dior Homme Spring/Summer '09 Ad Campaign

The new Spring/Summer '09 Dior Homme ad campaign features model Marlon Teixeira and it was shot by the Kaiser of fashion himself, Karl Lagerfeld. These images clearly illustrate how Kris Van Assche(artistic director of Dior Homme) has successfully maintained the skinny streamlined silhouette that Dior Homme has become renown for and this ad campaign reinforces the sexy stylized Dior Homme "rock star" aesthetic. I appreciate the cut out detailing in the jacket and shirt, but only rock stars and men under the age of 25 should attempt to pull off these looks. Dior Homme caters to the young, slim, fashion conscious man with a touch of attitude and these qualities are detrimental to successfully executing the Dior Homme look.

Source: Frillr

Dior Homme


Anonymous said...

This campaign is so minimal yet so full of attitude. I also like the Tommy Hilfiger campaign with the band of kids in colorful wool coats hanging out at empty beaches.

I've always believed that fashion photography, like the music video, is waaaaaaaaay ahead of its time. Much farther ahead than most films.

Coogi2G said...

Totally minimal, sexy, and chalked full of attitude - maybe that's why it appeals to me so much.... I like the Tommy ad too, but Tommy is too Americana for my tastes - I prefer the European aesthetic.

You are so right about fashion photography being further ahead. Photos and music videos are less of a commitment and one is forced to be more visually creative with a 3 minute clip or a photo.