Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kris Van Assche Fall/Winter '09 Footwear

These are pieces from Kris van Assche's Fall/Winter '09 footwear collection. I am LOVING all of these pieces and it is interesting to see sneakers receiving a high fashion design and taken to another level. The line between sneaker, high top, and boot is blurred and the result is a modern and sophisticated shoe aesthetic.

Source: Hypebeast

Kris Van Assche

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alexander McQueen for Target Look-Book

These are some of the images from the look-book for Alexander Mcqueen's diffusion line for Target (see the rest of the look-book here). A jumpsuit, leggings, a leather vest, a trench coat, and swimwear are merely some of the pieces that comprise this highly anticipated and affordable McQ collection (pieces are priced from $19.99 - $129.99 USD). In my opinion, the Alexander McQueen signature pieces of this collection are the black and grey sleeveless harness dress, the white and grey sleeveless harness tank top, the leather vest, and the sleeveless black blouse. I am positive that this collection will sell out in a matter of hours on March 1 when this collection hits Target stores across America.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Daft Punk & Adam Freeland's Aer-Obama

French electronica geniuses Daft Punk have collaborated with Adam Freeland to create this video in celebration of and to commemorate Barack Obama becoming the forty-fourth president of the United States. Freeland's remix of Daft Punks "Aerodynamic" is featured in this mixed media stop-motion music video and Medicom toys come to life to help celebrate Obama's presidency. This video is fun and clever, and I love the Speak-and-Spell.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Disclosure on Lagerfeld Confidential

Image: Koch Lorber Films
My latest piece for
It is safe to say that Karl Lagerfeld is a fashion and style innovator and visionary, but what do we actually know about the man behind those signature dark sunglasses? To learn more about the Kaiser of fashion, I recently picked up a documentary about Karl Lagerfeld called “Lagerfeld Confidential” by Rodolphe Marconi (view trailer below). Karl has always kept his private life extremely private and no other biographical film or documentary material about Karl Lagerfeld’s life exists, so this documentary about him was highly anticipated by fashionistas and the fashion world alike. It is one of the best documentaries that I have seen in a longtime due to its success at candidly revealing the film’s enigmatic subject, Karl Lagerfeld.

The film follows Karl’s day-to-day life over a span of three years and it documents the highlights of those years. Through Marconi’s lens we get a glimpse of: Karl’s grand and luxurious Parisian home, behind the scenes at Chanel, Fendi, and the K by Karl Lagerfeld brands, a private photo shoot with Nicole Kidman, multiple photo shoots with male supermodel Brad Kroenig, Karl in his home office as he effortlessly sketches designs for Chanel, behind the scenes of multiple fashion shows and red carpet events, and most importantly we get to experience candid interviews with Lagerfeld and learn his opinions and philosophies on a variety of subjects from reality and boredom to love and relationships. Over the course of the film the many facets of Karl Lagerfeld’s persona are exposed. There is Karl Lagerfeld the fashion designer, there is Karl Lagerfeld the photographer, there is Karl Lagerfeld the intellectual, there is Karl Lagerfeld the creative visionary and there is Karl Lagerfeld the successful, enigmatic renaissance man that has accomplished so many things without anyone truly knowing him at all.

Image: Rodolphe Marconi
Image: Rodolphe Marconi
Image: Rodolphe Marconi

It is the discovery of Karl’s personal side, and in turn, his humanization that makes this film worth watching. Fabulous anecdotes of Karl’s earlier days spent clubbing with Yves Saint Laurent, his thoughts on art, fashion, sexuality and life in general, and even an explanation of why he maintains his signature look of dark sunglasses and a pony tail brings us closer to the man behind the haute couture glamour and glitz. Reading between the lines we realize that Karl is humorous, affectionate, and sensitive but at the same time authoritative and solitary. At one point in the film, the filmmaker asks Karl if, “there is anyone who really knows you (Karl)? Or are you the only one who knows you?” Karl replies, “It’s difficult for me to answer, I’ve molded people’s ideas about me so much that I think it’s almost impossible. I want it to be impossible even for the people I love deeply. I don’t want to be real in other people’s lives. I want to be a ghost. I appear then disappear. I don’t want to have reality in anyone’s life, because I don’t want it in mine. That’s the secret of it all… For people like me solitude is a victory, it’s a battle. People who have a job that is supposed to be creative, like mine, have to be alone to recharge their batteries. You can’t live 24 hours a day in the spotlight and remain creative.” This film discloses why Karl Lagerfeld is truly an inspiration and Lagerfeld Confidential is a true testament to one of the greatest fashion and style influences of all time.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Raf Simons for Eastpak Spring/Summer '09

These are the new Raf Simons for Eastpak Spring/Summer '09 bags. Usually, I would be all over anything Raf Simons, but I am just not feeling these bags at all. My stylista friend Tigra has a theory about designers and bad design: when a designer becomes successful they can sometimes fall into the fatal trap of buying into their own success and hype and that's when they start creating weird experimental pieces because they can - don't support this bad design behavior and don't give them any money. I think that Tigra's theory may be applicable to Raf Simons and these bags. Has Raf Simons fallen and bought into his own hype? I hope not.

Source: Hypebeast

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victoria Beckham for Armani Underwear

This is one of the images from the new women's Spring/Summer '09 Armani underwear ad campaign featuring Victoria Beckham and shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. Posh looks amazing in this shot and she is completely convincing as an Armani underwear model. It will be interesting to see if Armani decides to use both Victoria and David Beckham in an ad campaign together and totally make the most of the Beckham-celebrity machine.

Source: WWD


Katie Holmes for Miu Miu

This is a glimpse of the Spring/Summer '09 Miu Miu ad campaign featuring Katie Holmes-Cruise and shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. I'm not sure how much input or control that Miuccia Prada had in the decision making process to use Katie in this ad campaign, but I just don't find Katie convincing as a Miu Miu model. She is more Gap, Old Navy, Banana Republic, or J Crew than she is Miu Miu. Interesting.....

Source: WWD

Miu Miu

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Linda & Naomi for DSquared Spring/Summer '09

This new ad campaign for DSquared Spring/Summer '09, featuring Linda and Naomi and shot by Steven Meisel, is officially my new favorite ad campaign. Dan and Dean Caten are huge fans of all of the 90's supermodels and it is exciting to see them enact a supermodel high-fashion fantasy cat fight for their latest ad campaign. Highly stylized, flawlessly beautiful, and super sexy - it's clear to see why these women won't get out of bed for anything less than $10,000 a day.

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Amber Valletta for Loewe Spring/Summer '09

Amber Valletta is the most recent 90's supermodel to land a major ad campaign this year. Shot by Steven Klein, Amber stars in the new ad campaign for Loewe Spring/Summer '09. Steven Klein always delivers beautiful and provocative images and this ad campaign reminds me of Madonna for some strange reason. Whether Amber was intentionally or unintentionally styled to look like the material girl is unknown and maybe it's just the hat, but these images definitely exude a Madonna-esque (circa the American Life album) air about them.

Source: Fashionologie

Monday, January 12, 2009

Ann Demeulemeester's Beetle Brooches

Ann Demeulemeester will release these beetle brooches as part of her men's Spring/Summer '09 collection. The silver beetle retails for $80(US) and the black beetle retails for $90(US). I am strangely attracted to these brooches for their fun and glamour factors and I wonder how many people would think that the wearer actually had a beetle crawling on them?

Source: Hypebeast

Friday, January 9, 2009

Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid just released a new line of instant imaging products which include an instant digital camera and an instant mobile printer. The digital camera with integrated printer boasts: a 3.0" LCD screen, red-eye removal, anti-shake image stabilization, face tracking, smile and blink detection, 2" x 3" borderless sticky-back prints, smudge-proof/water-resistant/tear-proof photos, prints in about 60 seconds, and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. If you already have a digital camera or prefer shooting with the camera on your cell phone - the portable printer is blue tooth and Pictbridge enabled so that images can easily be printed from your cell phone or digital camera (see video above). No ink is necessary due to the ZINK (Zero INK) paper and printing technology:

The heart of this new "ZINK" category of printing is the ZINK Paper™. The patented ZINK Paper is an advanced composite material with embedded yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals, activated with 200 million heat pulses, in 30 seconds, in a single pass. With 100 billion crystals in a 2x3" print, the paper is 100% inkless. A ZINK-enabled printer uses heat to activate and colorize these crystals. Because there is no ink, every ZINK-enabled device has the unique benefits of being small, simple, elegant, and eco-friendly.

This new ZINK technology and these Polaroid PoGo products will definitely be a hit with Polaroid and photography enthusiasts, as well as, visual and mixed media artists. Polaroid will make a huge comeback with this technology regardless of which product, the instant PoGo digital camera or the PoGo portable printer, that people decide is most practical for them.

Polaroid PoGo

Dior Homme Spring/Summer '09 Sunglasses

These are the new sunglasses from the Dior Homme Spring/Summer '09 collection. They are definitely interesting and these sunglasses remind me of something that Levar Burton's character Jordie Laforge, from Star Trek the Next Generation, might wear on a sunny day. In line with the Dior Homme aesthetic - only rock stars, men under 25, and men with a touch of attitude can successfully pull this look off.

Source: Warp

Dior Homme

Lady Gaga Unplugged

These recent live acoustic performances of Lady Gaga have been making the rounds on a bunch of blogs and because I LOVE Lady Gaga I felt inspired to add the clips here for your viewing pleasure. She is truly talented and her creativity and passion is remarkable.....

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dior Homme Spring/Summer '09 Ad Campaign

The new Spring/Summer '09 Dior Homme ad campaign features model Marlon Teixeira and it was shot by the Kaiser of fashion himself, Karl Lagerfeld. These images clearly illustrate how Kris Van Assche(artistic director of Dior Homme) has successfully maintained the skinny streamlined silhouette that Dior Homme has become renown for and this ad campaign reinforces the sexy stylized Dior Homme "rock star" aesthetic. I appreciate the cut out detailing in the jacket and shirt, but only rock stars and men under the age of 25 should attempt to pull off these looks. Dior Homme caters to the young, slim, fashion conscious man with a touch of attitude and these qualities are detrimental to successfully executing the Dior Homme look.

Source: Frillr

Dior Homme