Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Paul Smith for Lomography Cameras

Hipsters and fashionistas will all be adding this Paul Smith fisheye Lomo camera to their Christmas wish lists this year. Lomo cameras allow users to take creative photographs by means of their unique cameras which are specially constructed to create a specific desired photographic result. Fisheye lenses (which allow for super wide angle exposures), multiple exposures, different colored exposures, split images, and many other creative photographic effects can be achieved with Lomo cameras. You can find these cameras at select photography stores or at Urban Outfitters.

Paul Smith is definitely a kitsch and visionary brand and the this collaboration with Lomo is fitting. Designer collaborations are definitely the way of the future and this point in time is clearly the beginnings of designer collaborations that move beyond fashion.

Paul Smith

Lomography Society International

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