Friday, August 15, 2008

Trans-Contestant on America's Next Top Model Cycle 11

America's Next Top Model cycle 11 will feature transgender contestant Isis Tsunami. I applaud Tyra for providing a transgender individual the opportunity to become America's Next Top Model (AMNTM), but is America and Cover Girl cosmetics ready for a transgender top model?

This is definitely a marketing strategy to help boost viewership and ratings of AMNTM, as the past few seasons of AMNTM have been trite and mediocre at best. Isis is definitely FIERCE and can WORK a runway (see videos above), but as much as we'd like to believe that reality TV is real and regardless of how talented and supermodel-esque Isis is, I have a feeling that the producers of AMNTM will eliminate Isis from the competition by episode 5 or 6 because to keep her in the running until the end and not have her win would just be disheartening and cruel.

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miecky said...

It was a great season. But unfortunately i could not watch its all episodes. I am watching America's Next Top Model Episodes to its beginning. This is one of my favorite reality show. Thanks to put some videos of this show. I like your blog.