Friday, July 4, 2008

Raf Simons + Dr. Martens

The Raf Simons empire has expanded further in this new collaboration with Dr. Martens. I am not sure how I feel about this collaboration as I feel that Dr. Martens should either be a shoe or a boot, but this is exactly what designer collaborations are about - thinking outside of the box. I haven't owned a pair of docs in over 15 years (when I was young, had a chip on my shoulder and was full of teenage angst), but I would definitely entertain trying on any of these Raf Simons versions. I know that the quality is there and that walking in these shoes would be like walking on air thanks to the patented Dr. Martens air soles. I wonder if colored stitching still holds any fashion coding meaning or significance in today's subcultures? I believe that red laces/stitching back in the day meant that the wearer was an anarchist. If so, the use of red stitching in these Raf Simons Dr. Martens is fitting as Raf is all about shaking up the foundation of the fashion norm.

Yay to Raf Simons for Dr. Martens!!!

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