Saturday, May 10, 2008

Melanie C - Toronto May 8, 2008

Photos: Ann-Marie Zammit
I had the fortune and pleasure of attending the Melanie C show here in Toronto (thanks AMZ!) on May 8 and it was a moving and intimate experience. The venue, the Phoenix, is one of my favorite venues because it allows the audience to get up close and personal with the artist due to its size and layout. Mel C performed a majority of tracks from her new album, "This Time", and all of her hits from prior albums. The energy of the crowd was amazing and the diversity of fans in attendance was comforting as everyone was there because of their love for Sporty Spice. She has always been my favorite Spice Girl because of her vocal ability (she is the only one of the Spice Girls that can actually sing) and this quality has definitely propelled her as a solo artist and endowed her with career longevity. Her vocals were spot on and, in her performance, we truly got to see Melanie C the solo artist and not Sporty Spice one of the Spice girls. It is this distinction, Melanie C the solo artist, that will set her apart from the rest of the wannabes and a title which she has rightfully earned.

Yay to Melanie C for thinking for herself!!!

This is the new Mel C video which features Mel on Toronto's TTC (subway)and concert footage!


Paprika said...

I totally agree with your observation that she put on a show as Melanie C, rather than as Sporty Spice. I think her ability to be an individual is what has propelled her solo career.

And yes, she can actually sing! Although so can Mel B!! (Gotta represent for Scary, yo.)

Coogi2G said...

Hi Paprika!

Thanks for the comment!

I totally agree with you - Mel C's individuality and talent has fueled her solo career.

Don't get me wrong - I love all of the Spices, but I think that Mel C could out sing all of the other Spices.

Mel B, Emma, and Mel C definitely were the vocally strong Spices :-)