Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Batman Does Milk

I came across this clever new cross promotion with the new Batman the Dark Knight movie and Body by Milk. This is a great way to reach a segment of the marketplace that traditional celebrities may not necessarily have access to because the character of Batman is accessible to target audiences on a variety of levels. Whether it be to identify with Batman, to romanticize with Batman, to emulate Batman, to be "cool" like Batman, or to obey Batman - target audiences will be drinking their milk.

I also love the fun and engaging copy that the advertising team came up with, "Others reload. Batman refuels. Research suggests that milk's unique mix of ingredients can help you recover after exercise. And its protein can help build muscle. So train hard and drink low fat or fat free milk because the Batmobile isn't the only thing that needs to refuel."

Yay to Body by Milk and Batman the Dark Knight!!!!

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