Thursday, April 10, 2008

Kate Moss for YSL

I came across this amazing video of Kate Moss for the YSL Spring/Summer 2008 campaign. This video really highlights and reinforces Kate's stature as a supermodel and just how relevant she really is to the fashion industry. Just by watching this behind the scenes style footage we realize how professional and how effortless it is for her to be high fashion and to be able to capture the mood, tone, feel, and attitude of YSL. Yes, Kate has been modelling since she was a teenager, so she definitely has the experience, but there is a certain "je ne sais quoi" about her that sets her apart from other supermodels. I love the concept of this campaign and it is refreshing to see such a creative, yet simple and clever approach to the print ad portion of the SS 08 YSL campaign. I am glad that Kate ended her rocky relationship with Pete Doherty and that she is not receiving any negative publicity due to a fucked up relationship anymore. I realize that I shouldn't pity Kate, and I don't, but I feel that it would be difficult to fill the shoes of a supermodel and even more difficult to constantly be expected to fulfill and live up to all of those socially constructed ideals and myths about beauty that we have so passively bought into and consciously reinforce on a day to day basis.

Yay to Kate Moss for YSL SS 08 for showing us that she is still a High Fashion force to be reckoned with!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Kate Moss has definitely maintained the longevity of her career. I love kate.