Sunday, April 13, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld Does Grand Theft Auto

Karl Lagerfeld is truly a visionary and he definitely knows how to maintain his relevance and presence within pop culture. His latest endeavor involves the highly successful video game brand Grand Theft Auto (Grand Theft Auto IV), in which Karl will play himself and assume the role as a DJ on one of the radio stations featured in the video game. Karl will select some of his favorite dance and electronica tracks to be featured in the game and then these tracks will appear on one of the multiple soundtracks for the video game. This is the first time that a legendary fashion design icon + video game integration has ever been attempted. It is a collaboration that will definitely speak to many video game fans and fashionistas and it is a perfect fit. Karl has previously released compilation cds of his favorite music tracks, so teaming up with Rockstar games in order to expand his presence into a further form of entertainment media is extremely clever and brilliant. Karl Lagerfeld "Gets it" and he definitely makes people think - whether it be through his designs, his photographs, his films, or his musical tastes.

Yay to Karl Lagerfeld for being an intelligent opportunist!!!

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