Thursday, April 17, 2008

Italian Rugby Team for Just Cavalli Underwear

I came across this ad for Just Cavalli underwear featuring Italian rugby team Montepaschi Viadana shot by photographer Gianpaolo Sgura. I find it interesting that athletes are landing major fashion underwear campaigns and I think that this is such a clever way to reach a market that may have been previously over looked. There was Freddy Ljungberg for Calvin Klein, David Beckham for Armani, but this is the first time that I have come across a high profile fashion house underwear ad campaign featuring multiple members of the same sports team. The ad was shot in the team locker room of the Montepaschi Viadana and the look of the ad speaks to a number of psychographic factors. The locker room style approach addresses viewers who are active athletes and it allows these viewers to identify with the ad (the notion that they could be in a similar situation in a similar locker room) and once the identification has been established in the viewer then this is when the ad begins to truly work because the product will now be associated with that situation. This ad also contains a subtle homoerotic element which directly addresses a large percentage of the designer underwear consumer market - gay males. The use of the five members from Montepaschi Viadana helps to reinforce and endorse notions of masculintiy, brotherhood, and team fraternity, but it also functions to incorporate more styles of the product into the ad and solidify the Just Cavalli branding in the viewer's mind. Looking at this ad again, I wonder if we will ever see a high profile fashion house ever feature members from a women's sports team in their underwear?

Yay to Just Cavalli Underwear for being so clever in their ad campaign!!!

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