Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Batman The Dark Knight Viral Marketing Trailer

I came across this interesting trailer for the new "Batman The Dark Knight" movie which features a trailer which has supposedly been defaced by the Joker. This extremely clever and brilliant approach to this trailer leads the viewer to believe that the Joker has intercepted the trailer and defaced it. This trailer was sent out to 12 winners in a variety of cities in the old school 35mm projection format and is part of the viral marketing campaign for this new movie - the notion that the winners would upload and share/distribute this trailer through their social networks. Warner Brothers studios has embraced social media and definitely exploited its power in this ad campaign. This video was uploaded to Youtube 22 hours ago (from the time of this entry) and already has over 47,000 hits by people who actually care about this movie and want to share this trailer. Kudos to the marketing team behind this concept for identifying their market and for coming up with an ingenious and unique way to speak to fans of the Batman franchise and simultaneously address the "cool" factor. It is refreshing to see a major film studio, like Warner Brothers, step up to the plate, rethink their traditional advertising strategies, and tap into the power of Web 2.0.

Yay to this Joker Defaced "Batman The Dark Knight" Trailer!!!

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